Entrust your child to the experts. Brillantmont is the oldest family owned and run international school in Switzerland. We've been around since 1882; with age, comes experience and know-how. Our 80 boarding and day school students aged 13-18 agree.

Brillantmont International School is a special place to live and learn. We are thrilled to welcome students from over 30 different countries into the BM family for the start of an exciting new year. Brillantmont - the home from home where learning and living takes place for real, not online! READ MORE
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There is no better environment for a life changing learning experience - close to nature, with 140 years of know-how.
Applications for 2022-2023 school year are open.
You may be far away but thanks to video calls and live tours, we can make your admissions journey easy. We're here to help you all the way.
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    Brillantmont – living and learning in times of COVID-19
    In many countries in the world, students are distance learning, with limited social interactions. We’re happy to say that here at Brillantmont, school is very much in action. The learning, living and boarding experience continues, fully respecting COVID-19 protection measures. Being small means it is easier for us to manage challenges caused by COVID. At all times, students have been able to progress in their learning, keep challenged in the classroom and enjoy social contact with others.

    You too could be part of this exciting experience.Discover how here!
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    The fact that our students come from around 30 different nationalities provides opportunities to learn from each other, to learn about other cultures and mindsets and to share authentic life experiences.Play our school year video here!
    COVID-19 hasn't stopped us from offering an amazing range of learning opportunities in and beyond the classroom.
    Discover the learning opportunities Brillantmont provides - not just academics but the soft skills that will set you apart. Discover how our international programmes open doors to universities all over the world. Find out more about our School Year, term abroad and 13th Grade.READ MORE
    Brillantmont is the place our students call home- a safe place in which to grow and mature.
    Living alongside others from many different nationalities is a unique experience and the friendships made will last a lifetime. Our COVID protection plan is in place to minimise the risks.
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    Summer Course
    Summer Course 2022 is the place to be! Join students aged 10-17, to learn French or English, make friends from all over the world, try new activities and discover Switzerland. We can't wait to see you then!READ MORE