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There is only one Brillantmont in the world, just as there is only one of you. We don't belong to a group or chain scattered across the globe. Our know-how is firmly rooted in Swiss excellence and values. We have been family owned and run since 1882 and recently celebrated our 140th birthday, with alumni from all over the world. Our independence makes us unique, just as each and every student is unique. Developing strengths and talents to open leading university doors worldwide is what we do best.

Founded in 1882 and run by the fifth generation of the founding family we offer a warm, home from home environment to around 80-90 students, boarding and day, aged 13-18, from 30 different nationalities. Enter a tailor-made learning world, where you can be yourself.

Brillantmont - a place where our students can grow and develop in and beyond the classroom.
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Message from the Senior Leadership Team

“When people ask us what makes Brillantmont so special, it’s easy to answer. Quite simply - our students are always at the centre of everything we do.

"We are proud to lead a dedicated team of staff, all committed to making the Brillantmont experience the best for every single student. Every school year is different, with its own incredible opportunities, but what remains a constant at Brillantmont is the small, close-knit community we nurture - the BM family. We respect each other’s differences, we celebrate our different mindsets and together, we support each other as we learn and grow.

Everyone is different; people have different interests, different talents, different goals. As a school, we work together to fulfil the potential of each and every student, shaping them to become engaged, curious and confident in all they undertake, never forgetting that everyone is unique. Our location helps us by providing exceptional opportunities that you cannot find elsewhere. Our students are unique, we are unique; there is only one Brillantmont in the world.

We hope to welcome you here soon and to writing another chapter in Brillantmont's history together with you.”

Sarah Frei, Head of Admissions & External Relations; Anne Frei, Head of School; Victor McClean, Head of Academics

Brillantmont encourages students to realise their potential in a supportive environment
Over 140 years of experience in preparing students of today for the world of tomorrow
Brillantmont is in large, leafy gardens - an oasis of nature, just five minutes from the city centre. Within minutes we can be in the mountains and forests or enjoying cultural or sporting activities in the city. We have the best of both worlds.

The school campus is incredible and inspiring!
We have eight buildings, most dating from the early 1900s. Behind their old-world charm, you’ll find fantastic, well-equipped, up to date classrooms and boarding areas.

At the centre of the campus lies our recently built multipurpose hall, which contains a full sized gymnasium, a music studio and a 100m2 stage.