Growing up isn’t always easy. It’s a time of change and of questions. We’re here to help and support students as they grow and develop into young adults.
Student well-being is at the centre of all we do. Our students are all different, come from diverse backgrounds and have individual needs.
The teenage years are not always easy, particularly in this fast-changing world. Thus, it is important that every student feels listened to and that they have someone they can talk to in confidence, with any questions they may have.
Our Student Pastoral Care and Well-Being Coordinator works closely with the students to provide caring, individualised support and liaises closely with staff in this domain.

PSHE classes enable students to explore well-being, social, digital and health issues and these are enhanced by externally led workshops. We encourage the students to adopt healthy lifestyles, promote emotional and physical well-being.

In case of illness during the school day, our School Nurse will take good care of the student and if needs be, refer him / her to the school doctor or other medical professionals to provide the highest level of care.

At other times, the boarding team, closely supported by our Pastoral Care and Well-Being Coordinator, take care of the student and refer him / her to the School Nurse or other professionals as necessary.
Brillantmont is a school which welcomes students of all or no faiths. You may wish to continue to practise your faith during your time at Brillantmont. We can organise visits to your place of worship. Lausanne is a multicultural city : most major faiths are represented, with many services in languages other than French.

Brillantmont is committed to child safeguarding. We have a duty to ensure that our students are protected and safe.


We recognise that every child has the right to a secure environment and that every child should be given the opportunity to develop physically, mentally and socially in a healthy manner. We adhere to strict safeguarding policies and the Council of International Schools' code of conduct.

All Brillantmont staff have undertaken safeguarding certification courses and there is a clearly defined safeguarding policy. As a school located in Switzerland, we comply with Swiss Federal and Cantonal laws pertaining to child protection.

We have a responsibility to create an environment in which students can grow into confident, caring, compassionate adults.

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