The school day

The Brillantmont school day is always packed full!

For boarding students, during the school day, the alarm clock rings at 7. 

  • 07h00: Wake up
  • 07h30-8h00: Breakfast
  • 8h00-8h20: Make bed and tidy room
  • 08h30: Classes begin
  • 11h55-12h45: Lunch
  • 16h00: Classes finish
  • After school: Extra-curricular activities
  • 17h15-18h30: Study time for all students not in activities
  • 18h35: Dinner
  • 19h15-20h30: Evening boarding activities (age dependent)
  • 20h00-21h30: Study for Grades 10, 11 and 12
  • 21h00: Bedtime routine and showers for Grades 8 and 9
  • 21h30: In rooms and quiet for Grades 8 and 9. Students aged 15 or under hand in their phones
  • 21h30: Bedtime routines and showers for Grades 10, 11 and 12
  • 22h00: Lights out for all students


The outline of the school day above serves as a guide. There may be variations in this outline depending on the age of the student and the requirements of the academic programme followed.