8th - 10th grade

8th Grade

8th Grade is the final year of Middle School. At Brillantmont, our programme of studies is designed to meet the needs of international 13-14-year olds and covers a broad range of subjects. Additional English support is available if needed. STEAM courses in Robotics / Coding are an integral part of the 8th Grade curriculum.

9th Grade

9th Grade is the first year of High School and students continue to build on their study skills. The broad, comprehensive curriculum is designed to instil a love of learning. STEAM courses in Robotics / Coding are an integral part of the 9th Grade curriculum.

Our 8th and 9th grade students are entered for the PSAT 8/9 tests which assess their English and Mathematics level and begin to prepare them for external examination situations. All 8th and 9th Graders learn French (except for those in the EAL programme).

After class, 8th and 9th Grade students participate in extra-curricular activities, many of which develop leadership skills.
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A limited number of scholarships are available for new students wishing to enter the 8th and 9th Grade.

The family feel and supportive, caring environment helps students feel integrated, happy and settled. Their well-being is of great importance and we do all we can to help them flourish and become confident, responsible individuals.
Throughout the High School, students can prepare for external, internationally recognised examinations

10th GRADE

In 10th Grade, students have some flexibility in their programme as they can choose certain subjects. They usually take between five to seven subjects, which must include:

Mathematics, English, at least one foreign language, at least one humanities, at least one science, PSHE & sports.

At the end of 10th Grade, students have the possibility of taking British examinations called IGCSE. These examinations are prepared in one year, since we often have students who come for just for one year. The decision to take the IGCSE examinations is based on discussions with
the student and the Head of Academics.
IGCSE Examinations (Cambridge Assessment International Education)

Subjects offered in 10th Grade and at IGCSE are:
Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology,
English Language, French, Spanish, German,
Geography, History, Economics, Art and Design
Physical Education

All teaching is in English and EAL support is available if needed. In language classes, students are prepared for external examinations European language examinations in different languages such as French, German, Spanish and more, on which they can build on return to their home country or in future studies.

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